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On February 23, 2017 in Blog

Technology is now one of the most important aspects of any business operation. Staying ahead of the competition, as well as the security threats can prove to be make-or-break for most companies, and remaining on-line is now crucial for all.

Landlords have been slow to maximise their offering to tenants. Incoming tenants are often left to make their own arrangements and investigate what is available in the street. In many cases new occupants find out too late that connectivity is limited or that delivery times are extended.

In order to ensure that rents are maximised and voids periods kept to a minimum, landlords should check that the latest fibre is installed in the street and ideally throughout the building. The more proactive landlords like Land Securities and Workspace are very focused on providing the fastest connectivity to their incoming tenants and have secured a reputation in the industry.

The factors that tenants look for include – speed of connection, speed of set-up, reliability of uptime and of course, price.

Wired Score (www.wiredscore.co.uk) is a digital benchmarking company that provides different qualified levels of connectivity from ‘Certified’ up to ‘Platinum’. A Wired Score certified building will enable instant access at the highest levels for an incoming tenant.

The first building in Victoria to benefit from the Wired Score Platinum certification is 62 Buckingham Gate – owned by Land Securities. On the South Bank, The Shard and The Metal Box Factory are currently the only ones to have the award.

Tuckerman will always suggest to our landlord clients that their buildings should be effectively cabled and we can assist accordingly with the processes. When advising tenants, it is one of the first things we suggest tenants should bear in mind due to the potential delays and costs that can be incurred.

For more information please call Keith Harris or Guy Bowring on 0207 222 5511.